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With the entrance of Masterchef into our lives (some I believe have escaped it!) a lot of focus has been on food and techniques and we have been exposed to lots of "chef" style plating up. I am keen myself to produce seasonal recipes that offer simple presentation that don't require six food pieces to be arranged onto a plate.

Remembering when I was regularly catering for board room lunches and producing three course menus, all the elements were lined up and then carefully arrange them onto the plate to be served by the boardroom waiters. The stress was to get the food served without it going cold! We didn't have heat lamps to keep the food hot so over the years I pared down the amount of the "elements" and would aim for a maximum of four! Nowadays with the arrival of Darling Mills Farm micro herbs and salad leaves it is easy to finish a dish with a flurry of pretty leaves on the top. Even growing your own can be fun in a pot which can be snipped when necessary.

Slow Food Sydney is taking a tour to the farm on the 9 October so if you want to experience a lovely afternoon visit to their farm go to the website and register to receive information on our regular mail outs.

I have been writing recipes for Junior Masterchef No 2 cookbook which will be out next year. This book offers great simple step by step and is a terrific family cookbook. The children's classes have been full and fun! I so enjoy them and the children are very proud of what they have cooked when we get to pack it up to be taken home to share with family and friends. Even children who are a bit hesitant with some of the ingredients seem to get past this and enjoy the tastes and flavours of the dishes.

I have not be running any tours this year due commitment of other projects at the weekends.
This is something I will be looking at maybe to run again next year so I will keep you posted.

I had a mini break in July and went to visit the Red Centre. What a truly spiritual places Uluru-Kata and Tjuta and Kings Canyon are. All the wild flowers were out due to heavy rain in the area. I am keen to learn more about bush ingredients and hope to explore some flavours with future recipes.

As spring approaches and the warmer weather is on the way, I have been busy pruning and planting. To add to the menagerie of animals is a house cat called Daisy. So far she has spied the hens but not had a formal introduction! The eggs are still rolling out and all is well in the chook yard.


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